Saturday, March 28, 2015

Florida SBA looking for real estate, global equity portfolio managers


Florida State Board of Administration, Tallahassee, is searching for a senior portfolio manager of externally managed real estate portfolios.

In addition, the FSBA, which oversees $181.3 billion in assets, is searching for a portfolio manager of externally managed global equity.

FSBA is seeking to replace Jeff Smith, who was moved to a newly created portfolio management position, still in externally managed real estate, as a result of an increase of the real estate allocation to 10% from 7% and a more global emphasis that the FSBA adopted in 2014, John Kuczwanski, communications manager, said in an e-mail.

The senior portfolio manager’s duties include overseeing the FSBA’s externally managed real estate. The FSBA has $11.9 billion in real estate, including $5.4 billion that is externally managed.

Qualifications the FSBA is seeking include experience working with real estate commingled funds at the supervisory level. Applications for the senior portfolio manager position are due March 18.

The portfolio manager in global equity would assist in overseeing external global equity managers and would replace Dustin Heintz, who was promoted to senior portfolio manager in global equity. Mr. Heintz replaced Alison Romano, who was promoted to senior investment officer in global equity, replacing Janice Yecco, who retired last year.

The FSBA has $87.7 billion in global equities.

Applications for the portfolio manager position are due Wednesday.

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